Although servicing your car is not a legal requirement, regular servicing can help to identify potential problems early on. It can help to reduce the risk of a breakdown and could save you the money of a costly repair in the long run.

Regular servicing also improves the longevity and life span of your car, the better you treat it the longer it is likely to last. It will help should you decide to sell your car in the future – a car with full service history is likely to attract more potential buyers and at a higher selling price if it has been looked after and well maintained.

There are different service types we have to offer depending on the service interval. Please see below:

  • Regular maintenance – to be done when oil and filter need replacing.
  • Interim Service – carried out every 6 months or 6,000 miles (which ever comes first)
  • Full service – carried out every 12 months or 12,00 miles (which ever comes first)

We can accommodate all makes and types of vehicle. We also offer a comprehensive diagnostic repair service and courtesy cars are available should the need arise, subject to availability.

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